AdjustRite RV Repair Estimating


Combining internet connectivity and proprietary logic with both recreational vehicle and commercial databases, the AdjustRite commercial collision estimating software gives repair facilities and adjusters an “attractive asset” for repair operations.

RV damage estimating takes advantage of the professionally developed and maintained solution from AdjustRite® that uses proprietary logic and the latest in internet technology to simplify and improve RV repair and claims accuracy, consistency and efficiency. It is the only such program that takes into consideration the overall repair process. Well established and popular in the commercial truck sector, the system is now able to support repair facilities and insurance companies that address RV claims.

Four initial databases covering Type A, Type C, fifth wheel and travel trailers are live within the system’s RV sector including more than 24 manufacturer-specific databases for popular units. The collision estimating software includes labor and pricing data on the industry’s top 10 manufacturers.

Who could benefit from AdjustRite's RV collision estimating?

AdjustRite is for:

  • Commercial RV dealers,
  • Commercial Truck dealers that see the occasional RV unit,
  • Independent collision repair facilities,
  • Independent adjusters, and
  • Insurance companies

What you get:

AdjustRite is a professionally developed and maintained estimating system that utilizes proprietary logic and the latest in Internet technology. The benefits are numerous and will have a direct, positive impact on any RV repair or RV insurance business. These benefits include:

  • Estimate process standardization and consistency
  • Professional advantage in the market
  • Productivity and efficiency gains
  • Elimination of non-value-added activities
  • Estimate training tool
  • Professional documentation for customers
  • Filing system to retrieve and organize information
  • Quality control

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